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Forward Thinking
4th full lenght LP
Last album before taking an extended hiatus from recording. More musical exploration, more genre bending...just more fun.
In The Lab: Causality vs Coincidence

From time to time we will post videos of the progress of our up and coming LP.



All Things Relative
3rd Full Length LP
This is where we really statted hitting our stride with producing with software. Not only did with advance our Drum `n Bass formula but explored Acid Jazz as well.


Subsurface: Unseen
2rd Full Length LP
Another musical adventure recorded in the aftermath of the dot-com crash. Recorded some of the live drum tracks in the living room of Amaze's townhouse. Much to the chagrin of the neighbors.


Essential Comms Only
1st Full Length LP
Started on this this album in the middle of moving to Atlanta from Nashville. There is a bit of a transitional feel as the album progresses. A change of cities change out musical perspective a bit.


Test Fire
Debut EP
This was our first outing into Drum `n Bass. This was shortly after hearing Shy FX's Original Nuttah playing on Vanderbilt's readio station, WRVU. It was fueled by lots of caffine.