Artist Bio

Our Story

Envision, moving through space and time… while immersed in decadent sounds that pamper the soul… music that can only be characterized as a perfect blend of absolute creativity and genius. This can only describe the musical conceptions of the international recording artist, Apex Dimension.
This dynamic duo, Amaze, the beat mystic, and Tres, the cosmic metronome, joined forces in1997 to create a sound that will persistently keep music lovers on their toes. With this spark of imagination and inspiration by such greats as Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd, LTJ Buckem, Jazzanova, Peshay, Kraftwerk and Mantronix, a new era began.
Though crediting those that have traveled before them, they have succeeded in creating a sound distinctly their own. Apex Dimension is constantly evolving as they continue to become a well known and highly sought after name among lovers of both drum & bass and acid jazz alike. Currently in the studios, they are preparing the next installment of an audibly orgasmic experience.

Videos On the Way

Be sure to check us out on YouTube. Production vids and official music videos on the way.